During the late eighties, consumer demand pressed for considerable expansion within the company. Subsequently these demands have resulted in where we stand today with a comprehensive vehicle fleet, wide range of services and team of knowlegeable, experienced staff who ensure a continued reliable professional operation.

Over the years developments within the company have included:


The company joined the Road Haulage Association (RHA)


G.A. Newsome (Haulage) Ltd was established in order to concentrate on the contractual haulage business.


The organisation won the Suppliers’ Award for Excellence from the Institute of Transport Management.


G.A. Newsome Haulage was incorporated into G.A. Newsome (Haulage) Ltd, concentrating its assets and consolidating its area of expertise.


The company continued to expand and moved into the 4-acre site in Wardle near Nantwich. One of the key decisions in purchasing the premises was for the company to expand operations within warehousing services.


G.A. Newsome (Haulage) Ltd joined the Palletline distribution network as a shareholder member in order to provide a quality, nationwide, next day and economy service for small consignments.


All new tractor units were fitted with Euro 4 engines that adhere to the current low exhaust emissions legislation. G.A. Newsome (Haulage) Ltd decided to invest in this technology in order to reduce its carbon footprint; thereby also reducing the carbon footprint of its customers.


The decision was made to leave the Palletline network and concentrate our efforts on the general haulage side of the business.


Two new Volvo FH’s were added to the fleet in January along with numerous trailers.


Barnes Group (Holdings) Ltd. acquired G.A. Newsome (Haulage) Ltd. within the fourth quarter of 2017.